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On this page you’ll find a number of helpful detailing and automotive repair articles written by our in-house team, as well as images and video from our detailing and service work!

Should I Detail My Car Before Selling or Trading In?

Should I Detail My Car Before Selling It? The title question of this article is one asked by thousands of potential car-sellers across the nation, both individual and dealership alike. Should I detail my car before selling it? Will I increase my trade-in value by detailing my car first? It’s

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Leather Detailing in Bremerton

If you’re looking for leather detailing in Bremerton, you’ve stopped by the right place. Ever since the early 1980’s, when automotive manufacturers nearly tripled their use of leather for automotive interiors, it’s been commonplace for real and faux leather seats to appear in consumer vehicles, not just the luxury branded

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Say Goodbye to Mold!

What is Mold? How Do I Get Rid of It? Warmer days aren’t too far around the bend for us Washingtonians, but the weather we’re (hopefully) leaving behind has definitely presented it’s fair share of challenges and lasting effects. One way that the past precipitation has inconvenienced locals is with

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5 Automotive New-Year’s Resolutions

“New year, new me!” It’s a statement we’ve all inevitably heard from scores people looking to make a minor or major life change in the coming 365 days. The dawning of a new year presents a chance at personal growth and development for everyone – and your car, as well

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What’s a Simply Clean Detail?

Every company has it’s most famous product; McDonald’s has the Big Mac, Apple has the iPhone; the list goes on. The products that various companies are known for are also often some of the best they have to offer – and the case is no different for Simply Clean Automotive

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Benefits of a Winter Detail

For some folks, it may seem like detail shops in the Pacific Northwest don’t have much to offer during the wet, cold winter months. Some might ask, ‘why get my car detailed for it to just get muddy again when the weather turns?’ If you’re also of this mindset, it’s

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Thanks for Making Us the #1 Detailers in Kitsap!

When automotive detail shops first started popping up in Germany in the late 19th century – (back when animal fat was being used to protect paintjobs) there wasn’t much more of a way to understand a detailer’s reputation aside from what you’d personally heard from your friends and family, or

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Car Repair Services: What No One Is Talking About

When it comes to car repair services, it can be easy to feel like you’re in the dark. There are so many different things that need to be done in order to keep your car running properly, and it can be hard to know where to start. However, it’s important

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