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Paint Protection Services & More!

The Simply Clean Difference

Simply Clean Automotive boasts a record of accomplishment in matters of car detailing, protection and repair. We are your number one-stop shop for top-quality services that maintain and improve the condition of your car. Our specialists take the utmost pride in all the cars they serve. We take only a few vehicles at a time so that we provide nothing short of the best service and undivided attention.

All our technicians are fully certified, licensed, and insured. This means that you can always rest assured that your car will be in safe hands when you bring it to our studio. additionally, we guarantee you that only professionals will be handling your car, not newbies, unqualified or unskilled workers. We get our hands dirty so that you do not have to. Our experts strive to offer an incredibly warm atmosphere, top-class service, and superior quality in all their undertakings.

One of the reasons you should consider working with us is the fact that we are not only family-owned but also family-operated. The business is deeply rooted in family. In the constantly changing auto industry, our professionals are steadfast in treating clients with the respect they richly deserve. We’re unwavering in our foundation – limitless vision, core values, highly transparent and warm culture.

That we are professionally qualified is another reason to work with us. We have a highly dedicated team of technicians that are always ready to go out of their way to offer outstanding service. All of us believe in consistent improvement in such a way that we never stop growing, training, and learning. We endeavor to change with the constantly dynamic and ever-evolving auto industry to ensure that all our clients are served using the best of the best tech and products.

Talking of products, we strictly utilize professional-grade products. They aren’t the consumer. We understand the importance of using strictly high-quality products. The last thing we want is to have to put up with a shoddy job because of using poor quality products. For this reason, our professionals only use nothing short of the best so that we always get it right in the first instance.

By just getting in getting in touch now, you’ll not only receive great service but also become part of the remarkable Simply Clean Automotive family.

Auto Detailing Bremerton WA
Car Detailing Bremerton

Car Detailing Is our Speciality

Car detailing is what we do best. Our professionals know the ins and outs of top-quality car detailing. Just like any other car maintenance, we do car detailing to prevent a host of issues including but not limited to breaking down your car’s clear coat, preventing premature fading of plastics, minimizing interior wear, and ensuring the ride looks at its best through and through.

By regularly visiting our studio of car detailing service, you ensure that your vehicle not only lasts longer but also has more value. Through our service, we can help preserve the car’s resale value and appearance.

Having the ride on a frequent detailing schedule is an incredible way to keep it looking newer for longer. Our specialists utilize quality products and proper techniques to make sure the car is protected for long periods.

Our quality wax, coating, and sealants protect the paint underneath the exterior surface. Additionally, it makes it effortless to wash the car while making the paint remain glossy.

We’re also savvy in matters of interior car detailing. We go out of our way to do a thorough interior detailing for impressive results. The last thing you want is interior odor or damage.

Contact us now for the best car detailing Bremerton WA services. 

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The Best Paint Protection For Your Vehicle

Another top-class service we offer is car paint protection. Although your car might look tough, it is highly susceptible to harsh elements. Just like harsh winter, even the good summer weather can cause devastating damage to the exterior of your vehicle. In some instances, the results can turn out to be pretty bad making the ride look older than it is. This is especially true with car owners who do not take care of their cars regularly.

Rather than wait until it is too late, consider visiting our studio today for the best car protection services. Our professionals will lay out different strategies that go miles to offer the utmost protection against harsh elements such as grime, UV rays, bird droppings, and even weather. All these can cause oxidation, paint dullness, dents, and even scratches.

Designed for enthusiasts that seek comprehensive protection, our protection packages utilize an entire synergy of technique and experience for the best surface reconditioning and protection available. Whether it is installing paint protection film or ceramic coating Bremerton WA, we have the best developed and tested options to protect against the ever-changing weather and harsh elements.

Worry less, enjoy more with our exceptional car protection service! 

Paint Correction Bremerton WA
auto repair Bremerton WA



Our car repair services are out of this world. The impressive ratings we’ve received so far from our highly satisfied clients speak volumes about how we handle our repair services.

By following a consistent and regular car repair schedule, you can protect both your car and yourself against many things. From the extended good health of the ride, with the assistance of the repair team, you will always enjoy driving a properly running and well-maintained car for a long time.

Part of our auto repair Bremerton WA service entails examining the engine and liquid (water, oil, coolant, etc.) condition of the car. Some of the other common problems that we address at our studio during repair sessions include a shaking wheel, worn brake pads, grinding/squeaking brakes, flat and/or uneven wearing tires, failing alternator, leaking radiator, and fuel leaks through evaporation among many others.

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