Say Goodbye to Mold!

What is Mold? How Do I Get Rid of It?

Warmer days aren’t too far around the bend for us Washingtonians, but the weather we’re (hopefully) leaving behind has definitely presented it’s fair share of challenges and lasting effects. One way that the past precipitation has inconvenienced locals is with the forming of mold, a very unwelcome and unhealthy addition to any car interior.

We’ve seen a good number of moldy vehicles come through our shop for mold remediation this season alone, so we figured we’d do a bit of writing about what exactly mold is, how it forms, and what Simply Clean Automotive in Bremerton can do to help you stay healthy and in clean-style.

So, what is mold? Mold, as a general term, is used to describe a fungal growth that appears and spreads on damp or decaying matter. Mold begins its life as tiny spores, invisible to the human eye, but can reproduce and grow into a big, smelly, health-hazardous problem!

So how does mold get in your car and grow, exactly? Well, believe it or not, mold spores are incredibly common during all seasons; the key to their growth, however, is moisture. That being said, anything done to expose your vehicle’s interior to unchecked moisture will certainly leave you at high risk of developing mold in the vehicle.

Moisture is something we have no lack of in Washington, as most people who live here can tell you. Because of that, we sometimes need to take extra care and precaution to prevent mold from growing in our vehicles.

Steps to take to mitigate mold growth include employing the use of dehumidifying devices, either electrical or chemical, and also ensuring that any seals around glass or door panels are replaced when they are worn or broken, that way water can’t get in and drains properly on the outside of the vehicle. Of course, keeping windows closed during storage and taking care of liquid spills immediately are also recommended habits.

Simply Clean & Mold Remediation

If you find yourself dealing with a mold problem in your vehicle, you’ll likely want to get it taken care of as quickly as possible to prevent discoloring and damage to your vehicle’s interior, as well as potential health problems for yourself. Luckily, the team at Simply Clean Automotive detailing and repair has the tools and knowhow for taking care of mold problems both big and small. Spotty mold on seatbelts and seats? No problem! Mold covering the entire interior? We can handle it!

Our team uses specialized products including enzyme based cleaners and sanitization sprays to chemically treat and clean pesky mold from your vehicle. That, combined with a bit of the proverbial elbow grease, will have your vehicle looking fresh again in no time!

Our team finishes every mold remediation appointment with the use of an O-Zone machine, which electrifies the air it sucks in, producing O3 molecules that kill airborne mold spores, and helps eliminate any residual mold odor after cleaning and sanitization is complete.

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Say Goodbye to Mold!

What is Mold? How Do I Get Rid of It? Warmer days aren’t too far around the bend for us Washingtonians, but the weather we’re

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