About Simply Clean Automotive

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Simply Clean Automotive was started by owner Marcus Brennan over six years ago with the goal of providing honest, top-tier automotive detail and repair to the Kitsap County area. Retaining a passion for all things cars since he was a teenager, Marcus has worked in many positions in the automotive field, ranging from sales to mechanic and detail work.

Boasting more than fifteen years of experience in the automotive detail field, Marcus decided that it was time to break out into his own business venture, and has been detailing and repairing all kinds of vehicles under the Simply Clean Automotive brand ever since.

The early days of Simply Clean Automotive are a textbook definition of humble beginnings. Originally operating out of a two-car-garage-sized facility in Port Orchard, WA, the business has since moved to its Gorst, WA location, a four-thousand square foot facility that provides ample room for multiple appointments and employees at once.

The core values of Simply Clean Automotive are about the only thing that hasn’t changed in six years of operation. The Simply Clean brand means honesty, quality, and customer service – it has since the beginning, and it will as long as the company is around.

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