What’s a Simply Clean Detail?

Every company has it’s most famous product; McDonald’s has the Big Mac, Apple has the iPhone; the list goes on. The products that various companies are known for are also often some of the best they have to offer – and the case is no different for Simply Clean Automotive and our namesake detail package: the “Simply Clean Detail!” If you’re in the market for a great car detail in Bremerton, you can’t go wrong with this option! But what exactly is this offer, and how can it bring life back to your dirty vehicle? Keep reading for a breakdown of exactly what goes into our flagship offer, the Simply Clean Detail. If you have further questions about our detail offers, visit our detail page online or give us a call at 360-519-3762.

First Thing’s First

Upon meeting with our receptionist and dropping off your vehicle at our Bremerton detail shop, we’ll perform a quick inspection of your car, truck, or SUV for areas of concern such as active mold, water damage, or areas of excessive wear. Once that’s done, and you’ve signed off on the inspection, it’s time for the first step of the detail process for your beloved ride: a thorough exterior wash.

After pulling the vehicle into our eco-friendly wash area, our trained detail professional will spray a degreaser solution on the high dirt-traffic areas of your vehicle, including the door jams, wheels, tires, and wheel wells. This degreaser treatment helps to loosen stuck-on dirt and other debris such as brake dust. After a thorough scrubbing of the rims and tires, the detailer carefully sprays down the vehicle with a pressure washer – blasting away stuck on grime. They’ll also use the pressure washer to clean out the same spots where degreaser was applied, leaving a much cleaner surface to work with.

After the vehicle has been degreased and sprayed down, the detailer will hand scrub the exterior of the vehicle with a non-abrasive carwash-mit, making sure to pay extra attention other high-dirt traffic areas on the painted surface such as the fenders and bumpers. After this scrubbing is complete, the detailer once again uses the pressure washer to rinse away the freshly scrubbed dirt. Then the vehicle is dried off and pulled into the shop to continue the detailing procedure!

Focusing on the Interior

Now that the vehicle has undergone a careful, thorough wash, it’s time for the detailer to begin cleaning the interior. This part of the process starts with a combination of vaccuming and using pressurized air to clean small debris from between hard-to-reach areas.

Once the detailer is satisfied with the removal of loose debris and garbage, it’s time for the plastics and vinyls to get some attention. Using special tools like brushes and pressurized air, the detailer applies a plastics-friendly cleaning solution to gently work out stains, and stuck-on debris from all of the interior plastics. Areas of high-traffic sometimes require special attention – these typically include the dash, door-panels, and center console.

Another major part of the Simply Clean Detail is the hot-shampooing of cloth seats and carpeting. As far as your ride’s interior goes, the seats and carpet tend to see the most dirt and debris, and therefore usually the most wear and tear. You can help mitigate that damage by regularly having your vehicle’s interior detailed, thus keeping excessive dirt from being ground into these vulnerable materials.

The Finishing Touches

Once the interior has been cleaned out, scrubbed down, and shampooed, the detailer moves on to the finishing details such as window cleaning and applying a coat of shine-enhancing liquid to the tires. Once the detailer has taken the time to make a final inspection of the vehicle to make sure everything’s just right, it is ready for the customer to pick up!

Now that you know what goes into a Simply Clean Detail package, it’s time to act! Call 360-519-3762 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your appointment today – and be sure to ask our knowledgeable detail specialists about our exterior treatment and sealant options as well!

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