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Simple Clean Automotive goes beyond the usual auto repair Bremerton WA and maintenance services that you find at other auto shops. While our specialists complete all the standard repair and maintenance services, we go one step further by doing a thorough inspection of the car. Everyone in our team believes in the power of preventive maintenance. We believe that you can avoid time-consuming and expensive repairs with regular service checks. 

Frequent scheduled maintenance services go miles to keep your vehicle running stronger and smoothly helping you avoid major repairs in the long run. One of the areas we’ll look at when you come to our studio is to assess your car’s fluids. Engine fluids play a huge role in lubricating moving parts thus minimizing the effects of friction.

Our experts have the skills to keep all your car’s fluids clean of contamination. Although manufacturers recommend the frequency of oil change, we suggest changing of oil every 3000 – 6000 miles of course depending on the type and quality of oil used. Regarding fluids, we check the following car fluids – windshield washer fluids, coolant, power steering fluids, brake fluids, transmission fluid, and motor oil. Remember that maintaining optimal fluid quantity and quality improves your vehicle’s fuel economy drastically.

Another aspect we check when you come to our studio for repair and maintenance is your tires. Our specialists recommend your schedule for regular tire alignment checks and rotations. In addition to this, it is prudent to maintain optimal tire air pressure. Regular tire rotation ensures that your tires wear down evenly. The need for frequency depends on driving conditions, vehicle weight, and tire quality. The golden rule is to have tire rotation after every other oil change. It goes miles to extend your tire’s life thus protecting you and your loved ones. Proper alignment positively affects the performance of your car’s suspension system.

Our specialists check hoses and belts which take most of your vehicle’s functions. In addition to kick-starting the alternator, they also help in the running of the water pump. We check for excessive wear, cracking, or glazing particularly on the underside. By keeping them healthy and strong, your engine operates more efficiently in addition to preventing costly damage. We help change your filters (engine filter and cabin filter) when you visit our studio. These two work hard in making sure the air that runs through the engine and via the passenger cab is contaminant-free and clean.

mechanical repair Bremerton WA
mechanical repair Bremerton
auto repair Bremerton

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Comprehensive service, quality technicians, and competitive pricing are some of the reasons that make Simple Clean Automotive your ideal partner in matters of repair and maintenance.

Whether you need engine repair, transmission inspection, A/C service, brake repair, oil change, fluid replacement, fuel filter replacement, or wheel alignment, our team of able technicians has what it takes to address the needs of your car.

You can also trust for on-board diagnostics, emission issues, shocks, struts and suspension issues, starter and alternator replacements, tire change, diesel engine service, battery replacement, hose and belt replacement, timing belt replacement, water pump, and radiator cooling system repair as well as repair of serpentine belts, axle, u-joint, and cv boot.

We are not only helpful and thorough but also boast incredible customer service.

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