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Ceramic Coating Bremerton WA

Uplift Appearance and Value with Quality Ceramic Coating in Bremerton WA

Simple Clean Automotive has brought joy to many car owners throughout the years by giving vehicles a new life. We understand the importance of surface protection to a car’s look and feel. As such, we only allow certified technicians to work on your ride. You don’t want the sun, snow, or road salt affecting your vehicle’s shine. By installing a protective coating, our experts create a barrier between the car and harsh elements. Whether it’s winter or summer, your paint remains pristine all year thanks to our durable ceramic coating.

Our coating services simplify car maintenance. Ceramic coating has to repel properties to prevent dirt and paint from bonding. These hydrophobic properties reduce car wash appointments since mud comes off effortlessly. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about chemical stains when we install the ceramic coating.

While the ceramic layer might be durable, it needs some extra love from our experts to serve you longer. Feel free to bring your vehicle to our studio to extend the coat’s life. Remember to adhere to our technician’s maintenance calendar to minimize issues with your coating. Part of the maintenance procedures is cleaning your vehicle with neutral soap. By so doing, you protect the coat’s integrity and bring out its shine. Our professionals will teach you how to care for the ceramic coat at home before your next detailing appointment.

You’ll be pleased to note that our coating technologies safeguard your automobile’s interior by protecting leather seats from dirt, oil, and liquid stains. Our interior layer also slows wear and increases resistance to scratches. At the same time, your door panels, seats, and dashboard won’t fade from UV rays. Furthermore, we only use quality products on your vehicle. You can count on our ceramic coating Bremerton WA service to outshine others in the market.

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Why Choose Us For Your Vehicles Ceramic Coating Installation?

We understand how hectic it is to find the right detailing products for your car. However, you’ll no longer waste money on low-quality brands with our experts on your side. We have taken the trouble to test different coatings, so our clients don’t have to. Our years of research have led us to several options that are affordable, effective, and easy to maintain.

The best part is that these coatings include a chemical bond to preserve your ride’s factory paint. Our ceramic coatings eliminate the need for car wax. Though it safeguards the car’s exterior, waxing is expensive since it requires regular renewal. It’s not uncommon for the wax to shrink after washing your ride.

That’s not the case with our coatings. Due to their semi-permanent quality, you don’t have to reapply our ceramic coatings every few months. You can preserve the car’s fresh look long after the coating’s application with just a little maintenance.

We offer refresh services on request. Our reload procedures involve applying an extra coat on your car for the best results. That way, your coating has a sacrificial layer to strengthen the protective barrier without affecting its gloss. Our specialists start with prepping your car before installing the ceramic coating. Panel wipes, paint correction, and decontamination car cleaning ensure you get the best out of the coating service. You don’t want to deal with smudges on the vehicle after paying for car detailing Bremerton WA service.

You can forget about “high spots” when you bring your vehicle to our studio. Unlike inexperienced technicians that leave dark patches on your paintwork, our experts are thorough with the installation.

We’re always ready to uplift your car’s appearance and value with quality ceramic coatings. Our experts are also available to answer all your detailing questions. Get in touch with us today for expert ceramic coating.

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